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Criminal Defense

The Firm of Afonso Archie Foley, P.C. will represent you vigorously in matters involving the criminal justice system. Our attorneys bring several decades of experience to the courtroom, be it a Federal, State or Municipal matter.

This vast experience has informed our philosophy in representing defendants in criminal matters.

    • First and foremost, every case is different and requires individual attention and evaluation.
    • Representation from the very outset of a case is essential. Any number of things can occur at the beginning of a case which will set the stage for future events.
    • Reputation matters. The attorneys at AAF have practiced throughout New Jersey and have worked with scores of judges and prosecutors.
    • Negotiate the best plea arrangement if possible and do not be afraid to try a case. There are limited choices for a client in most criminal matters: a plea agreement or going to trial. Sometimes, a plea arrangement is the best alternative. However, other times defending a case at trial is the best course. The attorneys at AAF will pursue either course of action with vigor and assist clients in making a decision on which way to proceed.

The attorneys at AAF also have vast experience with the appellate process. Throughout the course of a criminal case, whether it resolves in a plea or a trial, any number of things can go wrong.

A judge may have made an incorrect decision on a motion or an objection or perhaps the entire process was faulty or a prior attorney was ineffective. Your case can be presented to the Appellate Division as a matter of right for review. This requires a painstaking look at the record and a precise presentation to the appellate court.